Heritage Reserves

Heritage Reserves: Management Priorities Planning

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Heritage reserves are internal government reserves managed by Tourism and Culture for the purpose of conserving heritage resources throughout the Yukon. Sixteen reserves have been identified for conservation prioritization and future planning. These reserves include sites on many First Nation’s traditional territories and in many parts of the Yukon. Please see the documents below for the full list of sites included in the project.

The current project involves creating Statements of Significance for all sixteen reserves by identifying heritage values and site elements which are critical to maintain heritage value. Using this, as well as accounting for a variety of criteria such as site access, site use (including interpretive opportunities) and implementation cost, reserves will be prioritised for future planning.  

An essential part of understanding heritage value is through reaching out to communities with a relationship to the historic site. The online questionnaire has now closed, thank you to everyone that took the time to provide their feedback and for describing the importance and relevance of these sites to you, your community and the Yukon as a whole. 

Further information relating to this project will be posted on this webpage as it becomes available.